Copy request

Use the form below to submit PDF copies of tests and final exams for all courses. When the request is submitted, the test or final exam will be sent as an attachment to If you have any trouble submitting the form you can email your request directly to, be sure to include all information needed for copying. You will receive automatic confirmation to your email (if you email directly) or the email you enter in the email field on the form.

Tests for 'Instructor Pickup' will be available for pickup in WXLR 211. If you need to make special arrangements to pick up these tests, confirm these arrangements by contacting the undergraduate math office (480-965-7195).

Tests must be submitted 2-3 business days in advance to ensure copying will be completed on time. If you are not able to submit your tests at least 2 business days in advance, confirm with the undergraduate math office that yours tests can be completed on time. If you need your tests by a specific time, note that in Other Instructions.

If copying is not needed, specify "NO COPYING NEEDED" in the other instructions box in which case you are assumed to copy the test yourself.

(please note: file names will be changed to lower case only)

Your test will be duplicated (duplex) with the back of the cover sheet blank unless otherwise indicated below.
Note: The undergraduate office will NO LONGER accept tests which are brought in to be duplicated.