IA/Grader support request

Please read the section(s) that apply to you. Submit one form for each class.

Fall and Spring Semesters

All 117 and 142 (in-person and online) classes
IAs will be assigned to your sections. You only need to fill out this form if you are requesting particular IAs.

All 171, 270, 271, and 272 classes (in-person and online):
As these classes have recitations to which TAs are assigned (with the exception of honors sections), we do not offer any further support. If you have an honors section, you may still request an IA or grader.

All 275 classes (in-person and online):
As TAs are assigned for lab support and MATlab grading, you can only request homework graders (no IAs).

All other 100 or 200 level (MAT, STP) courses including ALL online (icourses and ocourses):
If you are teaching a 100 or 200 level non-AL class, including online/hybrid (non-117/142) courses, we need to know if you are seeking assistance. If so, choose one of the following:

  1. A grader (someone who never attends class or interacts with students; in fact this person is supposed to be anonymous to students). Note: graders are only allowed to grade T/F or multiple choice questions on exams and must be in the presence of the instructor.
  2. An IA (someone who attends class or interacts with students - in person or online - at least some of the time but can also do some grading outside of the class); you have the option of using them for course discussion boards, office hours, and/or review sessions. For in-person classes you have the choice of 3 different IA options:
    a. IA - class/no discussion board (this IA will not have any discussion board duties but will be used in class with the option of office hours or review sessions outside of class time)
    b. IA - no class/discussion board (this IA is not expected to be in class, hence may not even be available at class times, but will have all interactive duties in discussion boards, office hours, and/or review sessions)
    c. IA  - class/discussion board (this IA is available for class and/or discussion board as well as possible office hours or review sessions)

Note: IAs are only allowed to grade T/F or multiple choice questions on exams and must be in the presence of the instructor when doing so.

Summer Sessions

All 100 and 200 level courses, including MAT 117/142: if you want an IA or grader, you must submit this form.  Please note, you may NOT choose a grader for MAT 117/142. You will only have one IA/grader per class.

Courses above 200 level:

If you have questions regarding graders, you should address them to the director for graduate studies and/or the director of the school. Additionally, there is a different form for these requests. 

Thank you for your cooperation.