SILC LSS Facilities Request

Please use this form to request course or other use of SILC Learning Support Services spaces, which include Durham Hall (DH) rooms 132, 132 A, B, D, E, F, G, H, J, 135, 137, and 142, along with the SILC Café tables in the DH lobby. 

Requestor Information
Event Information
Indicate course ID (e.g., SPA316)
Indicate class section number (e.g., 17546)
Indicate which session (A, B, or C) the request is for, if reserving for a class.
Number of event attendees.
Please indicate your preferred room for this reservation. LSS will try to accommodate preferences, but cannot guarantee that your first choice will be available at the date and time requested. Also, please note that your DH 142 reservation may be given to someone else, if you arrive more than 20 minutes after your start time.
Date the event begins.
Time the event starts. Please note that requests for DH 61B (One Button Studio) must be made in increments of 15 minutes for student use, and 30 minutes for faculty use.
Date on which the event ends.
Time at which the event ends.
Event reoccurs ...
Please use this space to provide LSS staff with other information regarding your event.